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Meet Shawn Paul Gordon

Over the last few years, the skill of old school barbering has rose to prominence once again, and in the process, one of the most positive outcomes is, it has separated the wheat from the chaff with regards to the fly by night hairdressers masquerading as genuine barbers as opposed to the real thing.From this, we introduce you to Shawn Paul Gordon.

Shawn started barbering at local barbershop Rogers aged 16 and has never looked back. 25 years on and his passion, skill and experience has grown to the extent that he was head hunted by some of the midlands and northwest's most respected outfits including Barber Barber in both Liverpool & Manchester as well as the World renowned Barber House in Birmingham, becoming an essential to some of the Country's biggest stars.Whether it be shaving with a cut throat razor or cutting hair long or short, his attention to detail and eye for the exact look his customer is after are just some of the reasons his clients speak so highly of him.

Now opening his own shop – Barberellas Barbershop in Central Stoke-On-Trent, the shop and Shawn's renowned service is a must now for men who are looking for the premier head and beard treatment in Staffordshire